Regular Education

We provide to children, teenagers and youngsters from 02 to 17 years of age, an appropriate environment, where they find, in addition to knowledge, the competence, experience, organization, discipline, dedication and affectivity of teachers and class assistants. We work in partnership with the parents, supplementing actions of the family and community.


The fundamental characteristic of this stage of development is the acquisition of logical structures of thought. Socialization gives a big leap in quality; children begin to form groups, exercise leadership. In this age group, heteronomy prevails, which involves government by another. This is the phase of discoveries, understanding of how the world works.


In this age group, one is already clearer with respect to rules. It is the age of discovery, of understanding, of questioning of reality. There is an intensification of emotions and great emotional, cognitive and physical transformations. It is the phase of adolescence.