Our Activity

Instituto Advance de Educação e Cultura – “Aprender para Ser” has as its major orientation inclusion, respect for human diversity and promotion, and is totally committed to quality of life, with pleasure, with happiness and with the transformation of human beings.

We devote ourselves also to environmental preservation, and, especially, to the education of citizens who present learning difficulties/disorders. We work with human beings and, consequently with all types of needs: need for affection, attention, knowledge, care, friends, emotions, prestige, and especially for financial resources. We count on voluntaries and attend children, teenagers and youngsters in regular courses of Child Education, Elementary School I and II, in addition to courses of educational supplementation, continuous education, cultural and leisure activities and events.

In accordance with human rights all citizens, regardless of age, belief, handicaps and efficiency or race, must be respected and educated all together and in the same schools. In our institutions, we do not segregate, quite the contrary, we include.

In addition to the socio-educational focus, our institutions also work intensively in favor of democratization and formation of a public that consumes art, culture, sports, leisure, awareness of the importance of preservation of the environment, for all age groups and social strata.

We seek, without measuring efforts, to bring to our assisted population and to the population of Bebedouro and region, artistic, cultural, sports, leisure and other events, which happen only in the large centers and, which, for the most diverse reasons, become impossible to be appreciated by the citizens of Bebedouro and the neighboring cities.

We are certain that to nourish these human beings with culture and art, encourage sports, leisure, awareness of preservation of the environment, as well as extol the importance of the demand for these segments must be faced as a strategy of social inclusion, and that all of these manifestations and practices are as necessary for the promotion of the human being as access to school, housing and food. And for this, we work a lot and quite professionally and with integrity in the search for support from professionals of the segments mentioned above. Through the valorization of education, art, culture, sports and leisure, finally, we shall succeed, more and more, in promoting sustainability, ethics, citizenship, and especially to raise the self-esteem and happiness of our citizens.

To prepare enterprising and socially responsible citizens, we need the support of governmental agencies, political leaders, individuals and companies that have a broad vision and who are committed to social responsibility.