Our History

Instituto Advance de Educação e Cultura – “Aprender para Ser” (Advance Institute of Education and Culture – “Learn to Be”) is a Non-Governmental Organization – NGO that performs social, educational and cultural actions. It is non-profit making and located in Bebedouro, State of São Paulo.

Founded on August 05, 2005, Instituto Advance devotes itself tenaciously to the performance of socio-educational, cultural and leisure activities, aiming always at inclusion, respect for human diversity and promotion.

Instituto Advance de Educação e Cultura – “Aprender para Ser” was conceived by aiming at the creation one of the socio-educational, culture and leisure spaces where differences meet and through communication, personal interest and the exploration of the multiple intelligences of citizens, whether they be children, youngsters, adults or the precious elderly. All those attended by our institution are treated appropriately and encouraged to be agents who divulge the knowledge acquired and to pass on the same to the community, through various means of communication, through their own attitude and respect for diversity in all its aspects.

We have a well-defined mission which is to “educate, support and promote the full development of the human being from the womb to elderly age, with view to overcome every type of social inequality”.

Through socio-educational, cultural and leisure events and activities, Instituto Advance has acted with the community of Bebedouro in seeking to develop in citizens that frequent our institution self-esteem, improvement in quality of life, restructuring and support to the family, incentive to solidarity action and ethical and moral education, which are essential factors to the creation of a spirit of citizenship.

Instituto Advance covers various programs that tend to grow with the potential of the coordination through educational and cultural projects and cooperative actions that are ever more frequent, without changing commitment and passion, which are characteristic traits peculiar to it.